The Five Dilemmas of Participation in Resilience

Webinar Disaster Management

The Five Dilemmas of Participation in Resilience

A Guideline for Working with Communities

by: Micah R. Fisher, Ph.D

The Five Dilemas of Participation in Resilience – We will work with the community (in case: KKN), there will be a dilemma when we work with the community.

1. How people see us what we perceived

When we joined tthe community, how the community see us?

  • Our information
  • Our potential
  • What we think about the community
  • What can we do for the community

2. How do we mantain or earn community trust.

  • How is someone’s character (personality) ~> we don’t know.
  • We must know the information. We may be ignorant or misinformation.
  • We must keep our commitments for the community. (i.e: respect meeting times)

3. What do we want from the community engangement.

  • We can explore knowledge or expertise from the community.
  • We must¬† know who is must vulnerable.
  • We must aware of our own adaptive capacity.

4. How do we listen effectly.

  • As an engineer, we must think and understand clearly about a hazard.
  • Listen carefully to the stories, respect them.

5. To whom are we accountable in community engangement.

  • Some agencies, universities, and companies may pay us to go to the community (formal and informal obligations).
  • Working with integrity.

Friday, May 15 2020.

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